When accessibility compliance opens the door to

infinite opportunities

Signs and plans in relief and braille

Each project is unique

We provide tailor-made solutions.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is ensured through the installation of equipment and spatial planning and fit-out that promotes their autonomy and mobility.

TacMap advises you and offers a plethora of innovative and concrete solutions to improve the quality of use, access and ease of movement of all in public establishments.

  • Audit/Accessibility diagnosis
  • Adapting spaces for PRM (fixed or removable ramps, lifts, elevators)
  • Orientation aid (Orientation aid strip, multisensory map, sound beacon, portable tactile map)
  • Wall and floor signage
  • Braille signage
  • Secure stairs (warning strips – tactile and anti-slip strip, marking of stair risers, stair nosing)

Multi-sensory plans for all

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Portable plans for the visually impaired

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Plans and directional plans

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Relief and braille signs

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Translation of works in relief

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