When accessibility compliance opens the door to

infinite opportunities

Diagnosis and compliance

A design office specialised in the accessibility of public establishments, TACMAP accompanies you in the optimisation of the accessibility of your building, all while conforming to applicable regulations.

An expert in accessibility with an integrated design agency, we specialise in consulting, support and in providing adapted, concrete and innovative solutions to allow you to meet the requirements set out by the Accessibility Act (PRM accessibility compliance) and to improve customer satisfaction.

Stores, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, companies, communities, parks and gardens … must comply with the obligations concerning accessibility for people with disabilities. We are here to advise you and carry out your PRM accessibility compliance procedures.

The image you project is of utmost importance and depends on the attention you give to each person requesting your services. We follow the mobility chain of users and take into account all types of disability: motor, visual, auditory, mental and psychological.

What does the Accessibility Act (PRM regulations) say? The city must adapt to its users and not the other way round. It must allow all of us to access the same places and the same services with the same quality of use and without discrimination.

We process administrative files prior to carrying out the accessibility work. Our objective is to turn the constraints set by the law into opportunities to best satisfy your customers and users.

We provide a large number of adapted solutions taking into account your needs and your budget. We will guide you through the standardisation process and offer solutions that take into account the quality of use, comfort and well-being of users with disabilities in your premises.

TacMap helps make accessibility a part of your project and offers a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs of your customers with visible or invisible disabilities, allowing you to enhance your space, your image and to put your services and products in the spotlight!


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